Board of Directors

Dominique Pozo
Co-founder of both, Gaia Gardens & Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust, Dominique also shares her skills within the community as an Expressive Arts Therapist/Counselor.  She provides support for individuals and families, as they face the myriad facets of recovery inherent to addiction and trauma. Dominique has lived in a variety of community oriented settings since 2004 and is passionate about continuing to co-create holistic healing sanctuaries in which a closeness with the Earth and one another, is possible and celebrated.

Marlene Fisher is a lover of Nature, gardener and a metal smith member of the Santa Fe Artists Market. She was a devoted volunteer at Gaia Gardens, and worked intimately with Dominique and Poki.  She lives off grid and solely on rain/snow catchment, outside of Santa Fe where she enjoys a simple and mindful way of life that reflects her nature and the teachings she’s received from her peasant ancestors: living of what the land provides and being thankful. All through her life she has maintained her earthbound way and compassion for creation. She’s lived in various countries, owned a gardening business and helped create a vegetable garden in a refugee community.

Poki Piottin
Co-founder of both Gaia Gardens & Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust, Poki was a member of the Evergreen Land Trust Board of Directors in Washington State from 2000-2003.  During that time, he built a house and lived at Pragtri Farm, one of the Evergreen Land Trust’s properties.  He loves to provide dynamic and creative environments for people of all walks of life and ages to mingle and discover simple ways to be in community, and believes that lasting ecological health and social well-being can be fostered by rekindling our connection to the Earth and reclaiming our food sovereignty. See Bio here


Candace Gossen was born in the bayous, taught passive solar as a desert dweller and learned to core crater lakes in the South Pacific.  She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Archaeology/Science, a MSci. in Solar Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture. With more than 20 years of teaching ecological design and environmental sustainability, she still fights to save the trees, for the bees and for the wolves.

Amanda Bramble is the director at Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center in Madrid, NM.  She is a teacher of ecological restoration, organic agriculture, natural building, passive solar design, water conserving systems, and permaculture. She had designed and crafted the infrastructure of her living learning center to cultivate respectful and conscious relationships with the elements that support life. Amanda explores creating sustainable community through running Ampersand's annual internship program, managing the Madrid Community Garden, and chairing the board of Madrid Cultural Projects. Amanda teaches at local colleges and educational organizations in New Mexico and has also offered presentations across the country.

Szekim Pang is a Physician practicing in New Mexico and Alaska.  She has been a key contributor and volunteer at the Gaia Gardens urban farm and is a permaculture enthusiast.  She is a strong believer in promoting active lifestyles and healthy living through building community and nurturing our relationships with the land.
Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust is a non-profit project fiscally-sponsored by the 
New Mexico Community Foundation, a 501(c)3
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