National Community Land Trust Network
A wealth of resources regarding the Community Land Trust movement

Being Somewhere (UK)
Since 2003 Simon & Jasmine Dale have been living and building on the land, working in environmental projects and community.  They have found that for a few thousand pounds and a few months work it is possible to create simple shelters that are in harmony with the natural landscape, ecologically sound and are a pleasure to live in.

Lammas (UK)
The Lammas project has been created to pioneer an alternative model for living on the land. It empowers people to explore what it is to live a low-impact lifestyle. It demonstrates that alternatives are possible here and now.
The project centres around the ecovillage at Tir y Gafel, in North Pembrokeshire, which has been designed using a model that can be replicated across Wales. 

Dancing Rabbit (US)
At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (DR), we understand how difficult it can be to live sustainably and responsibly within modern US culture. We believe that we can work to build a healthy alternative: a social structure that is both non-exploitative and vibrant. As our village grows, we see this ideal take shape more clearly every day: a diverse range of people living ecologically sound lives in a community that truly serves as an example of positive human action within the natural world.

O.U.R. Ecovillage (BC)
is a sustainable learning community and demonstration site located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They base our work on Permaculture principles and offer learning opportunities for Natural Building, Sustainable Food Production and Leadership.

is home to a diversity of the Lost Valley Education and Event Center
resident-staff who choose to co-create their lives together because they understand the importance of responsible living in our world today, on an ecological, cultural, and spiritual level.  Our interest in living our dreams and educating others naturally flows from this awareness. 

Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust is a non-profit project fiscally-sponsored by the 
New Mexico Community Foundation, a 501(c)3
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