Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Search for a Property has Begun

We have begun to look at properties within 60 miles of Santa Fe.  

Property should be at least 10 acres, have some water (acequia, year-round creek, well or spring) and hopefully be located near national forest.

We are not necessarily looking for "farm land" as irrigated bottom land is usually too expensive.

We have so far visited properties in Vallecitos, LaMadera, Mandenales and Mineral Hills (near Las Vegas).

House and outbuildings are a plus but not necessary as we plan to build small, ecologically-smart dwellings over time to fulfill our mission of providing permanently affordable housing.


*Maximum Distance 
60 mi from Santa Fe
30 mi from Las Vegas
30 mi from Taos
5-50 acres
Under $400,000 
Well, acequia, spring or creek. Water rights are a definite plus! 
A Property already subdivided into several lots is preferred as we plan to build multiple dwellings, village style.  
Our educational activities will create some traffic and minor disturbances that could bother neighbors if they are too close.  They may also object to a subdivision of the property. Land adjacent to National Forest, BLM land, or a large ranch would be ideal. 
*Road Access
Year-round, not dependent on a 4x4 vehicle.  Some community members may depend on a part-time job away from the community, and we also do not want to hinder visitors.
*Sympathetic neighbors and community
We are interested in areas where we already know people, as they could help make introductions, vouch for us, and potentially help us navigate the local culture and bureaucratic process.

Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust is a non-profit project fiscally-sponsored by the 
New Mexico Community Foundation, a 501(c)3
Donations are tax-deductible