Friday, June 10, 2016

Sunday June 5 gathering


Prompt:  What I most wish for is…


What I most wish for is a place to call home that feels like home, smells like home… welcomes me home again and again.  I wish for thoughtfully created paths from one beloved’s home to the next.  A pod of homes, connected, each radiating its own scent… cinnamon, cardamon, mint, holy basil.. nature’s colors everywhere, lush green tufts to rest our heads upon, circle up and sing, cry, share, listen, dream, complain, fall on my knees and laugh, dance, make fires, invite new friends… I want to continue meeting myself amongst friendly faces… continue refining my reason for being gifted this body, this life… I want to ripen and offer, recoil and unfurl… I want freedom to be all that I imagine.  I want both comfort and the discomfort of stretching my old skin to the point of shedding into the new.


What I most wish for is peace and justice, that everyone on the planet has food, clothing, shelter, that all the earth beings flourish, together, we all flourish together… that we reach each and every soul, person and know we are all loved… just as we are… that every human being be happy in their hearts with no fear.   I most wish that this big blue planet continue to nurture us… that we all discover what is really going on… what we are here for, what it means to be human.


What I most wish for is to grow old surrounded by joy, beauty, and a deep sense of service to all beings.  I wish to live in a setting that’s fun, creative, funky, resourceful, caring and radical.  I wish for community of all ages and styles.  I wish to live simply so all beings can simply live.  I wish to be around trees, water, animals, flowers and laughter.  I wish to be around people who care for themselves and one another.  I wish to always strive to be a sustainable as possible, modeling for others what’s possible when we co-dream and co-create a life that is abundant, healthy, fun and nurturing to self, others, and planet.  I wish to grow old and wise and wild and unbridled.  Free

awakening each other
giving-receiving for all
I want change to come for all levels of humanity.


What I most wish for is some peace, quiet.  I want my child to grow up surrounded by people she can trust.  I want sanity.  I want people to take responsibility for their shit, to shift—me included—beyond small selves and concerns.  I want peace and quiet and time to write.  I want 20 people around a kitchen table.  I want to go outside and pick lettuce and get up at 5am and write in peace, next to big windows, next to people in their little homes, and I want to travel and move and bring love, nourish love, grow love.  I want my daughter to grow up with good food, real adults, sanity, movement.  Freedom in responsibility, simplicity, and desire for more life.  More life is what I most want, a life that I can dive into, sustaining me and everyone and everything around me. 

What I most wish for is balanced and supported self and surroundings.  The ideas that make our physical motion and cooperative momentum a tangible reality.  A realized space and the time to do it in.  Biorhythms that give every life a chance to connect and mature, and develop abilities that society does not support.  We are prone to belong ourselves soldiers and not part of the chain of natural life.  The birds teach me more than any politician, consumerism, or hamburger commercial. 


What I most wish for is a quiet nature place.  A bed with starts over my head.  A simple life.  Barefoot in dusty roots.  Soft changing light fed directly from the garden.  Time spent outdoors.  Laughter. Home soft and natural.  Shared lives, accidental meetings, impromptu parties, shared food, deep reverence.  Prayer and wonder, thoughtfulness, aloneness, and holding hands.  Care for one another.  Another way.  Serve each other and earth.  Model another way.  Care from birth to death.  Celebration, grieving, shared resources.  A beginner’s mind, a deep breath, a poet, a cloud.  Low stress.  Deeply communal. Growth. In it together, co-creating our lives, the possibilities. 


What I most wish for is a field where kids can run free, eat fruit from trees and to hear the laughter and the music and the drumming of adults as they celebrate the earth, and the miracle of us all being together at this small, so very small, place and time.  I wish this spirit and its kin would spread throughout the world and fill all hearts with peace and break down the walls we have built within and without that dehumanize “others” and lead to oppression, theft, and marginalization.