Saturday, May 21, 2016

First Community Gathering

On Sunday May 9, we hosted our first potluck/circle of sharing involving folks and families interested in the Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust.

And, what a delightful gathering it was!  

As I sat in circle with everyone, listening and contributing to the collective dialogue, what I realized was that the alchemy was just right amongst us all and thoughtful responses seemed to be emerging organically from everyones’ hearts.

I was left with a sense of deep appreciation for the pervasive honesty and kindness expressed as well as a gentle inspiration to continue moving forward with this process of growing connections with one another, in order to establish a sound and fertile foundation to build upon.

When I was in graduate school certain professors often referred to the fertile void of potential inherent to the mysterious, not-knowing stage of all creative processes.   

As a group of passionate, creative, and hopeful stewards of the Earth and our relations, it seems that we are amidst a fertile void in this process of evolving the Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust, and I am excited to carry on!!


Thank you Poki and Dominique for hosting last night's MACLT meeting!

Sweet how even an initial meeting can exemplify the joys of community -the quick transition to deep sharing, the inspiration ignited, the great food, the children roaming free, the desire to somehow utilize all the experience and trials our lives have held for a greater good, the mediation between individual and community aspirations and needs, the extra moments taken to notice a cloud formation or gradations of the waning light.  We are all seekers at this stage -individuals seeking and a community seeking.  It is a provocative, powerful, full-of-possibility time.

Kris, Kai and I look forward to engaging in and helping with the unfolding process.

Thanks again!


Thank you again for inviting me to your community meeting. The first thing that comes to mind is how grateful I am to be able to participate in the conversation about living together as a community.

It's priceless to me to hear questions I wouldn't think of asking but feel so right when they are spoken. Thank you!

Looking forward to talking to you again